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Top Ten Things you need to start your Wedding Planning Business…

Tips & Tutorials

July 19, 2017



1) Determine that you are in it for the love of working with Brides vs. the love of Money…

I’ve seen it a few times with industry friends… they think “this will be an easy way to make money”…fast forward two years later and they are so bitter towards their clients and dread working on actual wedding days.

A long successful career as a Wedding Planner, will come a lot of hard work – but if there is no joy and passion behind that work, it will eventually feel 100% like that dreadful desk job you had right after college.

While the goal is of course to financially support yourself and your family through your career as a planner, make sure that there is a true love of working directly with the clients, their families and vendors.

2) Find a Coach or a Mentor…

When I started my career, I was lucky enough to have a mentor that I was able to shadow on Wedding Days. I studied her every move, and helped out in anyway that I could. She was an expert, and I desperately wanted to be like her. Her expertise and guidance were so inspiring to me, that they 100% validated that I wanted to become a Wedding Planner!

3) Curate your Services

When you are just starting off, I recommend just having one package – Day of Coordination. There are plenty of logistics that go into just coordinating the actual Wedding Weekend, that you truly need to become an expert at this first. Your confidence will grow with each event, and so will your networking skills.

Introduce yourself to each vendor on the Wedding Day, and pass along your card. When they see that you were a total professional, they will remember your name when their clients are looking for a Planner!

Once you feel like you have mastered Day of Coordination Services, you can begin to add in other packages like Hourly Consultations,  Partial Planning and then eventually adding full-service wedding planning to your menu of service offerings when you are comfortable.

4} Create your Systems

Create whatever document storage system works best for you – Google Docs, an App like Honeybook or Aisle Planner. Keep your files organized, and easy to access and edit. It will save a ton of time and headaches!

5} Begin to Network

You will need to be the ultimate matchmaker  between your clients + vendors, so begin to network with all the top professionals in your industry. Go to industry events, invite a vendor you admire out to coffee, drop off a sweet treat +  your card to the most popular florist in town….

6} Build your Portfolio 

Potential Clients want to see images from your past events…post only the best at this point {less is more!}.

Haven’t yet booked a client yet? Volunteer to coordinate your cousin’s wedding in return for using images. You could also create a styled shoot with some like minded-wedding-newbies in your area.

7} Emergency Kit 

You truly will never know what you need on a Wedding Day! Create a kit full of all the must-haves…Scissors, Tape, Deodorant, Sewing Kit, Hair Spray, Batteries, the list goes on and on!

8} Create a Contract

This was something that I truly didn’t handle correctly in the beginning. Work with a young lawyer to create a simple contract that binds you and your client together. It’s the best feeling early on in your career to know that you are committed to the services you are contracted for and that your client is committed to paying you.

You can also find sample contracts online, and update to fit your needs!

9} Find your Tribe 

This is different than networking…I am talking about finding your people. Find the Photographer that when you work together, you create magic. Find the Florist that gets what you are going for, even before you finish your sentences.

Search for these people in your area, connect with them + work with them as much as possible!

10} Marketing

How do you want to Market your business? All word of mouth / networking? Ask your friends + family to spread the word. A huge presence on the internet? Commit to blogging twice a week and posting on Instagram regularly. Connecting with your local community? Look for ways to contribute to local events, in return for free advertising. 


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