What do I love? I love the way my husband’s Boston accent sounds when he’s cheering on my hair-brained dreams and schemes. I love dreaming about how I would renovate a Pre-War Brownstone whenever I walk through the West Village in New York City. I love taking in the good bones of antique furniture as I paint it, give it a facelift, and bring it into the new.  The sweet art of letterpress, flipping through the newest Madewell catalog, and the search for the perfect wedding gown. I love repurposing the old, dreaming about what it will become as I wander through flea markets and garage sales on sunny Saturdays. I love crafting the perfect and unexpected color combination. But what I love truly… is love.

That is what my business is all about … love. As I sit in my studio, shared by the brilliance of my dearest creative friends (The Florist and The Videographer), I, The Wedding Planner-Dreamer-Wisher, ponder love and all the ways it comes together in that one perfect day. Ever since 2005, when I worked my first wedding, I’ve been head-over-heels in love with being an integral part of such a milestone. From the DIY projects this design major relishes, to the groom’s face as his soon-to-be-wife makes her debut, the joy around your wedding day is what keeps me so enthralled.

I, The Wedding Planner-Dreamer-Wisher, cannot remember a time when I wasn’t captivated by all things pretty. Weddings aren’t meant to be stuffy or stressful. They are meant to be a celebration, and it is my job to keep the celebration at the forefront of the planning. So, how could I not be in love with this life of joyous planning, unique creativity and hopeless romance?

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My desire to be a part of people’s Big Day began on my own. I was blessed with a wedding director that made things go seamlessly and from that moment forward, I had the bug! I wanted to “pay it forward” and began doing so through directing at my church in 2010 and later began working with Jessica Rourke. My love for being part of such a special day grew quickly! Details have always been important to me, and this is a great chance to help others keep tons of details straight so they can simply enjoy one of the most memorable days of their lives.

When I’m not directing weddings, I teach 3rd graders and do lots of service through my church. Reading and spending time with my growing family take up most of my time when I’m not daydreaming of trips to the beach!



Planning weddings since 2012, but celebrating since I was a little girl. Celebrating is my favorite!! I love celebrating people, another year they’ve lived, the beginning of a marriage, another year of being husband and wife, a new heartbeat, a job well done…etc.

It is my absolute pleasure to serve a bride, groom, and their family and friends in order for them to take in the richness and beauty of their wedding day. I will eagerly dream with the bride and her mother, I will organize and communicate to the vendors, I will hold wedding dress trains, and give the best man his speech que.

A few of my favorite things: Surprises, cooking and gathering around a table with family/new/old friends